Welcome to the official site of novelist Laura S. Wharton.

Laura considers herself a southern novelist and a research nerd. Her stories take place in small southern towns, and typically involve a sailboat or two.

To be swept away to another place and time, click on a link above for information on her award-winning historical adventures for adults (suitable for young adult readers, too), or check out the books for children. If you LOVE her stories, please let others know. All writers appreciate readers spreading the word!

Laura is currently working on her seventh novel. This one is set in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, with a historical mystery to solve in Columbia, South Carolina. IN JULIA'S GARDEN will be for adults, but she and co-author (preteen) son Will Wharton have started the third mystery in the award-winning series for children, Mystery at the Lake House. She is available for speaking about writing and her books at schools, book events, and at book clubs. Contact her for more information.

New Book in Progress:

This mystery starts off as a contemporary tale of a befuddled landscape architect in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Lily has had her ups and downs (most recently more downs than ups). She has her hands full with a huge project she really didn't want to tackle. It was left for her to finish when her best friend -- and the firm's owner -- died of a massive heart attack. Add to that a guy in the office who ticks her off royaly, a hateful ex-husband, and a son who is about to set the world on fire and leave Lily way behind, and there's a story set to take off in a seemingly downward spiral for Lily.

The project shows itself to be more challenging and dangerous when a disheveled-looking man shows up at Lily's office bearing a special, possibly deadly, gift.