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Deceived: New Release
The beach life isn’t sunny for Detective Sam McClellan—not after he just lost his partner in a brutal killing that makes no sense. The truth pulls at him like an undertow as he uncovers an extensive drug trafficking scheme in the idyllic beach resort communities of North Carolina with the help of sassy sidekick Molly Monroe and tips from some shady characters. Drowning in waves of trouble crashing around him, will Sam be able to save himself and the people he most cares about in time?

Deceived is the first in a series. Future books will be set in various coastal areas. At the end of Deceived, Sam takes a leave of absence from the Carolina Beach police force, freeing him to cruise up and down the coast on his dilapidated sailboat. Trouble seems to find him wherever he is. So does Molly. Their relationship will change—and be challenged by the mysteries they solve in future books.
Laura S. Wharton is a North Carolina-based author of award-winning historical adventure and contemporary mysteries for adults and mysteries for children. She often writes her children's books with children to encourage the writing process as well as reading.
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