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The beach life isn’t sunny for Detective Sam McClellan—not after he just lost his partner in a brutal killing that makes no sense. The truth pulls at him like an undertow as he uncovers an extensive drug trafficking scheme in the idyllic beach resort communities of North Carolina with the help of sassy sidekick Molly Monroe and tips from some shady characters. Drowning in waves of trouble crashing around him, will Sam be able to save himself and the people he most cares about in time?

Deceived is the first in a series. Future books will be set in various coastal areas. At the end of Deceived, Sam takes a leave of absence from the Carolina Beach police force, freeing him to cruise up and down the coast on his dilapidated sailboat. Trouble seems to find him wherever he is. So does Molly. Their relationship will change—and be challenged by the mysteries they solve in future books.

I love a good old fashioned mystery and this book is just that. The author writes a fast-paced and interesting story with the perfect blend of mystery and character personality. - Carol Custer

Looking forward to the next Sam McClellan Tale!
As a cruiser and part-time live-aboard, I believe that if we met Sam in a marina during our travels we would enjoy sharing a cocktail with him and listen to him share his adventures! I love Laura's books, each one I tend to read in just a day or two since I can't seem to put it down. She pays close attention to detail and keeps the suspense coming. I look forward to the next Sam McClellan Tale! - Susan McCoy
Fast paced and entertaining. Great read!
I love Laura Wharton's character Sam McClellan. He just seems like an all around good guy, lives near a beach and he's smart too. This was my first book by her and it won't be my last. - DebKrenzer

Ultimately...terrifying in its implacability!
This book was wonderful, absolutely fantastic! I adored it! I went into this book thinking "oh, this seems like it will be a nice story." And, wow, did Deceived exceed my expectations and blow me away. This smartly written, thought-provoking novel is a must read for any fan of fiction.- James Hill
Laura S. Wharton is a North Carolina-based author of award-winning historical adventure and contemporary mysteries for adults and mysteries for children.
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Finally, America has a comparable P.D.James!

"I have read more than 400 murder mysteries and the majority were mostly average. It is rare to come across an author who devotes great skill in describing a scene so well that you can envelope yourself into the writing and be taken along with the rest. P.D. James is a master and I think we now have an American P.D. James with Laura S. Wharton! I can smell the beaches, see the beautiful boats and feel the warmth of the sun. I cannot wait for Stung!"

Reviewer Anne-Marie Taylor

Lily McGuire has her plants and her work as a landscape architect in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. What she doesn’t have (a man to date or an adventure to have) is just fine with her, thank you very much. Yet her whole world turns as chaotic as the grand old mansion’s garden she’s restoring when a stranger presents her with the gardening journal of a 1940s socialite-gone-missing. Snarky and somewhat misanthropic Lily must search its pages for clues to the young beauty’s disappearance and a potentially deadly mystery despite the warning that she should tread carefully: the journal was the cause of Lily’s best friend’s death, assures the stranger. Appearances aside, the old man doesn’t seem trustworthy. But then again, Lily doesn’t trust anyone, so why should he be any different?
In Julia’s Garden: A Lily McGuire Mystery is a contemporary mystery with roots firmly planted in a historic southern garden in Columbia, South Carolina.

In the first of a series, Lily McGuire pieces together clues she finds in the missing socialite’s journal to discover what happened to Julia and to find closure on the death of her best friend who ran the small landscape architectural firm where Lily works. Lily also must tend to her own past, a landscape riddled with an emotionally draining failed marriage to a two- (or is it five, now?) timer who will be at their son’s upcoming college graduation, and attractive—but pesky—coworker Jack Chapman who is definitely not her type. Maybe.
Deceived: A Sam McClellan Tale (May, 2015)
In Julia's Garden: A Lily LcGuire Mystery (December, 2015)